Dries Van Noten
October 2, 2012
Ahoy, Mateys!
September 9, 2013

As seen in Thread Magazine:

P ossessionista is a quirky blog run by Dana Weiss, a clothes-savvy girl. Readers send in their favorite fashionable celebrity must-have to Weiss, who then finds and blogs the ideal replicate, along with her authentic opinion on the trend, celebrity, or television show.

The blog is wonderfully simplistic, allowing the reader to easily navigate based on personal preference regarding style, celebrity, or TV show. Weiss also features fashion and style guides ranging from “Glee” fashion to “90210,” and even celebrity style icons such as Emily Maynard and Duchess Catharine. These guides contain various designers, stores and styles that are worn by the featured celebrity and/or character.

While the TV fashion guides discuss many fashion trends and reoccurring designers featured on the shows, the celebrity fashion guides focus on one celebrity's clothes, accessories, and personal flair.

Whether skimming the most recent blogs or clicking on a link to posts about celebrities or shows, the fashion and style guide or the blog archives, Possessionista has it all.

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