Dries Van Noten

December 3, 2012

As seen in Thread Magazine:

C lassy couture meets eclectic hippy in Dries Van Noten’s daring Fall 2012 men’s collection. The kooky, imaginative assortment is risky yet charming, described impeccably as “psychedelic elegance” by the Belgian designer himself.

At first glance, Van Noten’s intensely obscure use of color and patterns may seem to be too extreme for the ordinary individual. However, upon closer inspection of the various combinations, a feeling of acceptance comes into play. The eye is intrigued by the fitted and simplistic cuts and different washes, which set off the brave designs.

To achieve a more minimal look, simply couple a dark turtleneck with a large velvet blazer, gray belted trouser and tan loafers. It’s Dries Van Noten transformed into campus fashion at its finest.

The fierce colors and patterns featured in this bizarrely pleasing collection are topped of by pristinely tailored cuts resembling a collision between the '60s and late 1800s. Graphics of trippy woodland creatures peek underneath sharp blazers and dapper suit jackets. Basic, crisp whites, grays, blacks and tans are paired with quirky patterns of blues, pinks and greens printed on long jackets, sweaters and pants to add a jolt of color.

Collared and turtleneck sweaters, knee-length jackets and belted pants are all key ingredients to this delightful mixture of calm, cool and eccentric. Multiple layers are created as well, with short and long sleeves crafting a look that's hipster-mod. With primarily ordinary fabrics Van Noten adds a touch of texture through classy velvet blazers, crocodile loafers and wool jackets.

Converting this fashion into everyday attire is astonishingly easy. Add shock to a typical dressy-casual wardrobe with a brightly colored pattern layered underneath a long jacket. Perhaps even dive head-first into the fashion pool with a decorative turtleneck sweater and tailored pants or galaxy-print slacks and a collared white sweater.

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