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Lulumahu Falls

Hoa ʻĀina O Mākaha
April 18, 2019
Temple of Heaven + Tiananmen Square
November 27, 2018

Lulumahu Falls is a beautiful hike located off the Pali Highway on the island of O'ahu. Once parking in the slightly cramped parking lot, you will see an opening leading to the forest. Shortly after you begin walking, you will find yourself surrounded by an amazing bamboo forest that is far too easy to get lost in (especially if you love taking photographs like us). Indulge in the bamboo surrounding you, but be sure to continue on in order to see the amazing waterfall that lies ahead...  

You will exit the bamboo forest and turn left to walk down a dirt path leading to the next portion of the hike. Here, you will traverse rocks and water in order to continue making your way up to the waterfall. There isn't an extremely detailed path to guide you, however, as long as you follow the stream you will find your way! Because it is a relatively short and easy hike (only a couple of miles long in total), you should reach the waterfall in no time. I highly suggest bringing a lunch and camping out for a bit to enjoy the mist - or even take a swim in the waterfall if it is flowing steadily! This is a great hike for people of all ages and fitness levels, and was very enjoyable for my small dog. See pictures of our Lulumahu Falls excursion below: 


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