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June 30, 2015
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A ccording to the 2010-2011 School Crime Supplement, 9% of students in 6th to 12th grade experienced some form of cyberbullying.

An even more shocking number was reported by the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey, which stated that 15% of high school students from 9th to 12th grades had been victims of electronic bullying in 2013.

Cyber attacks are on the rise and are no exception for Ohio University alumni.

To secure the safety and protection of all Bobcats and their families, Ohio University Alumni Association (OUAA) has partnered with MetLife Defender, a service that provides resilient defense against online predators, including cyberbullies, identity thieves, marketing databases and criminal networks.

“We really feel that a partnership with MetLife Defender was necessary to ensure the online safety of our alumni and their families,” said Ali Wills, assistant director of strategic partnerships for OUAA. “This is a great service that is growing more and more important due to the constant development and advancement of electronics and social media platforms.”

According to, a companion website to Kay Stephens and Vinitha Nair’s award-winning book, Cyberslammed: How To Understand, Prevent, Combat & Transform The Most Common Cyberbullying Tactics, cyberbullying is an attack that can occur on any technological device.

These assaults often consist of one of the following methods: a digital pile on, where a group targets one individual through social media or messaging tools, a rating website, a way to target particular individuals by using their photograph and asking others to rate them, an imposter profile, which is a fake website or account that the bully uses in an effort to falsely represent the victim, a haters’ club, where a group of attackers create websites and social media accounts solely to attack an individual, sexting, where an explicit photo of an individual is sent around as a form of vengeance, or videojacking, where a target is unknowingly filmed and then the video is uploaded onto the Internet in an effort to harass the individual.

“MetLife Defender has a great plan for families, which includes all of its original protection plus the bonus of cyber predator protection, cyberbullying detection and child identification theft and scanning,” Wills said. “These services are extremely beneficial to families with children – children who could at any point become victims of cyberbullying.”

MetLife Defender scans social networking sites and Internet activity in an effort to protect alumni and their families against cyberbullying while also searching for other potential online predators.

In addition to cyberbullying, OUAA feels it is vital for alumni to be safeguarded from identity theft, as the damages can be very costly and difficult to fix and restore.

MetLife Defender guarantees identity theft protection by eliminating all credit card numbers, social security numbers, medical records and bank accounts found on the Internet. The service also ensures privacy protection for all of its users and actively removes passwords, usernames and any other sensitive information that is being shared and used by marketing databases or criminal networks.

Because OUAA wants to make sure all Bobcats are safe and secure, the association has teamed up with MetLife insurance company to provide all OHIO alumni with a special 15% discount off MetLife Defender individual and family plans.

MetLife Defender’s individual plans come with protection of personal data, financial data and medical data. This service also provides credit monitoring and alerts, privacy protection, detection and removal, junk mail and pre-approval offer opt-out, lost wallet protection, and 24/7 personalized assistance.

MetLife Defender’s family plans guarantee the same benefits as the individual plans, along with cyber predator protection, child identification theft scanning and protection and cyberbullying detection.

“I really think this is just a great service for our alumni to invest in. The benefits are overwhelming and the constant defense against cyberattacks is so essential,” Wills said.

For more information on OUAA’s partnership with MetLife Defender, visit

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