Eight Ways Serengetee is Changing the Clothing Game One Pocket At a Time

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August 18, 2014
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As seen on BuzzFeed:

S erengetee is a relatively new clothing company that has been flourishing ever since its start in 2012. As stated by Serengetee, Jeff Steitz, Ryan Westberg and Nate Holterman created this start-up company with one mission in mind: “To connect people to the globe through fabric while giving back to the communities that inspire our products.”

1. Three college students created Serengetee with just $3,000 after studying abroad through Semester at Sea. Within two short years, Serengetee has donated over $60,000 to dozens of charities.

2. These simple, yet must-have t-shirts are created from fabrics made all over the world.

3. As if it isn’t cool enough that you are wearing the world, for each purchase you make Serengetee donates 5% of the total cost back to a cause within the country or region your Serengetee fabric originated.

4. Serengetee primarily spreads its mission through the use of social media and networking and has received well over 200,000 Facebook likes in two short years.

5. Serengetee is expanding massively and now sells outerwear, bags, formal clothing and shorts. Pants and kids wear will be arriving soon.

6. Serengetee currently supports 32 causes around the world and uses fabrics from seven different regions.

7. Actor Jimmy Tatro and musician Tyler Posey are both on board with Serengetee, featuring their own fabrics on the website. The t-shirt company has also been highlighted in various well-know news outlets such as Forbes, Huffington Post, and Mashable.

8. Serengetee features causes and fabrics from North America, making a point to give back to the amazing world surrounding us as well as the Americas.

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