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Cleveland Round 2

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June 13, 2016
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January 2, 2018

EEEP! I'm so excited to say that I was able to go home to Cleveland for the SECOND time this summer - this time on much better terms than the first.

L ast year I was so honored to be asked by one of my best friends (and sistah from another mistah + momma) to be her MAID OF HONOR (whoa honored to be made of honor - didn’t do that one on purpose)! However, right after she asked me to fill this special role, I ended up getting word of a job offer on O'ahu…meaning I would be living almost 5,000 miles away while I was supposed to be planning all of her big events. Despite me notifying her that I was doomed to quite possibly be the worst maid of honor ever due to my new living circumstances, M still wanted me to be her MOH so, fast-forward to October 2017 and Cleveland here we come!!


Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland!

Now, it can only be assumed that this trip was absolutely fantastic just due to the fact that I had no other option than to transform into a true valley G and begin this post with, "EEEP!" But, seriously, if I could rewind time and relive last week I would do so in a heartbeat. I also brought along my Hawai'i-born boyfriend, J (I seriously just want to pretend I'm in Gossip Girl and refer to everyone by the first letter of their name), and got to show him around my lovely home, which I think genuinely re-opened my eyes to how charming and fun Cleveland really is!



In Hawai'i there aren't any professional sports teams and J LOVES football...

So, naturally, we went to a Browns game and supported our Brownies through another epic loss with some relentless, diehard Cleveland sports fan spirit. Honestly, this was my first Browns game too, and my first NFL tailgate experience (wow I truly don't know how I would have overcome the boredom without the pre-loss drinkage going on), and it was with my boyfriend and obnoxious brother which was GREAT exclamation mark!




In between the madness of endless days of appointments, we were also lucky enough to score tickets (albeit, standing room) to GAME 5 of the Yankees vs. Indians - YES GAME 5. In case you didn't already know, we lost that one too….ohhhhhhh, Cleveland, SIGH. Anyhoo, it was still pretty sweet to be in the midst of all the madness and excitement (I mean seriously, just look at J's face). Didi, I'm still coming for ya, though..



Toward the end of the week was M's HUGE Day which turned out absolutely beautifully.

I choked and cried through my MOH speech and my hand was shaking uncontrollably BUT I GOT TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH A PIG. No, seriously though, M looked GORGEOUS and the day really couldn't have gone more perfectly. The venue was flawless and so unique and I mean, come on, there were several barn animals present including a donkey who was temporarily loose….need I say more?



Naturally, we topped off the week with a trip to Cedar Point for Halloweekends.

We got there super late which had my anxiety levels at an all time high, but we were still able to get on several rides and I got to spend the day with my BFF, A, and my BF, J. Haha sorry, but I had to. Anyway, J tried to be a ride warrior but failed and tapped out after two coasters…but I still will give you a little salute, cupcake.

I truly miss Cleveland so much, and my travels there + time spent with family really made me realize A LOT. Being on an island where I'm literally so distant and far from all of my family and friends has been a struggle at times (to say the least) and this trip really helped revive me and clear my head about the past, present and future. More on that later, though. For now, I must say hasta la vista and end my tangents..but fear not, I will be back with more awkward capitalizations, made-up words and overused parentheses. Ciao, ciao my little lovelies.


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